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The You Are Free System

What's up in today's world of work?

Today's world of work is changing. Yesterday's structures are breaking down and the labor market has become very fluid. It's important to know what's happening in the world of work so that you can create your place in it.

Think talents...not just skills

Talents are the key to finding work you love. Talents are what enable you to contribute and provide unique value. And, talents make work fun. Talents eliminate the competition because when you are working in your brilliance, there is no competition.

What can you contribute?

Smart companies hire value. They want to know how you will be able to contribute. They want to know what results you'll bring, based upon what you've done in the past. They want to know how you'll make a difference.

What motivates you?

Creating work you love starts with knowing what you believe in and what matters to you. If you can work in a way that is aligned with what matters to you, your work will be meaningful.


Today is a great time to create work you love

Tell your compelling story

You will want to be able to communicate what you seek to provide the marketplace and why you are uniquely qualified. You'll want to find a compelling way to tell your story so that the listener understands what you stand for, what you want to do, and why.

Choose your work: role, project, venture

Decide what form you'd like your work to take. Will you try to create a role in a company? Seek project work? Start a new venture? Your decision will inform your strategy for approaching the marketplace.

Who needs what you've got?

Identify who might need the contribution you are willing to make and who will value what you provide. Reach out and connect. Be proactive and make a consultative sell.

Educate/enroll others in your vision

Educate the marketplace and let everyone know what you want to do and how you want to contribute. Enroll others in your vision to generate momentum in the marketplace.

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