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Understand Today's World of Work

Today's world of work is changing, dramatically. Good jobs can be difficult to find, project work is on the rise, and the fastest growing part of the labor market is the "interim" market. Yesterday's structures are breaking down and the labor market has become very fluid. It's important to know what's happening in the world of work so that you can create your place in it. (HINT: it's one of the best times to be able to create work you love, if you know how.)

Leverage Your Value Proposition

You'll want to find a way to weave together your talents with your skills and experience to create a value proposition, what you have of value to offer the marketplace. Smart companies hire value. They want to know how you will be able to contribute. They want to know what results you'll bring, based upon what you've done in the past. They want to know how you'll make a difference. So, you need to create your value proposition.

Discover Your Gifts, Talents and Abilities

Talents are the key to finding work you love. Most people focus on selling their skills. Skills are learned. Talents are innate, in you. They are natural gifts or aptitudes you were given. Talents are what enable you to contribute and provide unique value. And, talents make work fun. Talents eliminate the competition because when you are working in your brilliance, there is no competition. It's important to identify your talents.

Know Your Why

Creating work you love, work with meaning, starts with knowing what you believe in and what matters to you. Knowing your "why" anchors your work and your choices. If you can work in a way that is aligned with what matters to you, your work will be meaningful. You decide. 

Tell Your Compelling Story

It's important to present yourself clearly and with impact. You will want to be able to communicate  what you seek to provide the marketplace and why you are uniquely qualified. t's important to provide proof from the past. You'll want to find a compelling way to tell your story so that the listener understands what you stand for, what you want to do, and why. We cover all aspects of communication, from oral to written, traditional to social media.

Choose Your Work: Role, Project, Venture

In this step, you decide what form you'd like your work to take. Will you try to create a role in a company? Do you want to look for project work? Or are you interested in starting your own venture? Your decision will decide your strategy for approaching the marketplace.

Educate/Enroll Others in Your Vision

You have done the work. Now you are ready educate the marketplace and let everyone know what you want to do and how you want to contribute. Your story will be so compelling that you will literally enroll others in your vision and they will become your advocates. That's how you generate momentum in the marketplace. We will cover the strategy for "getting out there!"

The You Are Free Discovery

The Discovery Program is for those of you who are ready to create work you love. In this program, you'll walk through the first 4 steps of The You Are Free System(tm). You'll finish the program knowing more about the world of work and the role you want to play. It's all about getting clear about who you are, where your gifts lie, what value you have to offer, and what matters to you. It all starts with YOU.

The You Are Free Transformation

The Transformation Program is for those of you who are fully committed to making a change at work. You'll walk through all 8 steps of the You Are Free System(tm). In this program, you'll not only learn what it is you want to do, but strategically how to approach the marketplace to make it happen. The last 4 steps are all about implementation, strategy and execution. It will help you to understand that You Are Free to create whatever you want in today's work world by giving you the map to get there.

Spot Coaching - 1:1

Sometimes you just need a little help. Or advice. Or some strategic coaching. Maybe you need help with presenting yourself, writing a resume, or creating a strategy to approach the marketplace. Or maybe you need help managing a situation in your office. This program is for you if you just need one or two sessions to get you "unstuck" and to speed you on your way.


Full-day intensive strategy session with me. It's an opportunity to go deep and compress the process. This session is designed to help you access your hidden potential. We'll dig deep and find out how you can bring more of who you are to the market -- for pay. You'll become much clearer about your vision for meaningful work. This session can also be used to map out a thorough strategic plan to help you achieve your vision. Or we can use our time to do some focused coaching around one issue, such as oral communications.

Create Financial Anchors

This step addresses your financial security. It's difficult to create work you love if you are concerned about your finances. We map out a plan to ensure your financial stability while you are going through this process, using it as our first step. We also use this step to figure out your financial needs and requirements for your next  step.

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