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Get off that hamster wheel

What do you think?

You can do anything in today's world of work.



I tried to do it their way...but it didn't work.

(PS. Everything you learned about wrong.)

I was told that if I did well in school, I could go to the college of my choice. And, if I worked hard in college, then I could work for the company of my choice. And, if I worked really, really hard at my job, I would get noticed and I would move up the career ladder until I reached the corner office.

So I studied hard in school and I got to go to the college of my choice. I worked hard in college and got the job of my dreams...working for a US Senator in Washington, DC.

Wow, the formula worked. Until it didn't.

I was miserable. In fact I was so unhappy that I remember writing in my journal, "I am so unhappy that even the idea of traveling abroad doesn't excite me. A part of my soul is dying."

I was in the wrong job. The wrong career. Everything was wrong.

Then I remembered "the poem." The poem I wrote when I was 8 years old.

Who am I?

What am I doing on this earth?

I wish I knew the answer to this question.

But who can tell?

 ---written by me when I was 8 years old

I resolved to find work that felt meaningful.

I wanted to find my place in the world.

I wanted to make a difference.

I wanted to CHANGE THE WORLD and make money doing it. But how?

I went to New York and became a commercial banker and international trader. Didn't find it there. Nope. Everyone in my group got sick with a stress-related illness.


That's when I became passionate about wanting to create positive, healthy work environments in companies and became a stand up trainer/corporate consultant. Definitely didn't find it there.


Nope. After that, I became the adult child living on my parents' sofa (because I wasn't able to work. Physically crashed and burned.) I struggled for months...until I was invited to be part of an IBM downsizing project where 6,000 employees were let go in a single day at 3 plant locations. That's when I found my calling.

It was a long journey but I finally got there. Now I help others do the same.

I help creatives trapped in

corporate to spring free

to produce work that changes the world


I became an OUTPLACEMENT COUNSELOR...CAREER COACH...EXECUTIVE COACH... COACH COACH COACH. And, I got trained in the different models. I learned how to help my clients find jobs.

Except that they didn't want traditional "jobs." "I don't want to do it anymore." "Don't make me go back there," they told me.

They wanted to work, but they wanted MORE THAN just a job.

They wanted to MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

They wanted to USE THEIR TALENTS to make their mark.

They wanted to CREATE.

They wanted to use THEIR POTENTIAL, instead of just perform skills.

They wanted to invest their creative capital in their work, for a return.

And, they didn't care if this work was a job, role, project or venture; inside or outside a company. The work form didn't matter.




WAIT, what?

I was trained to help people find jobs.

None of these models helped people

to "create work."

So, in my office lab, I started experimenting

with the principles of The You Are Free System.

I tested them with my clients. Then tweaked.

This is now the foundation of the work I do

to help people create the work of their dreams.

They wanted work that was "meaningful."

Career Coach & Outplacement Counselor

Over 20 years of experience

Career Coach / Outplacement Counselor

Over 20 years of experience helping people

through career transition

Executive Coach - New York City

Seasoned Coach working with

C-Suite Executives

Certified Instructor

Coach Certification Institute

(Career and life coaching)

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