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"Leslie's mission is to unleash one's unique value and potential...Her real  gift was to help me THINK BIGGER about my vision. I now have a path and total clarity.  Claude  C
“I am more confident about my future because of the work we have done together...Thanks so much Leslie." Megan T

About me

Executive Coach - New York City

Seasoned Coach working with C-Suite Executives

Certified Instructor

Coach Certification Institute (Career and life coaching)

My Experience
My Story

Do you know what it feels like to want more from your work? More meaning? More challenge? More opportunity? More pay? More balance? I do. My entire work experience has been a quest to find meaningful, fulfilling work...on my terms.

Work that allows me to use my gifts.

Work that inspires me.

Work that allows me to work in a way consistent with who I am.

It took me awhile, but I found it!  Now I help others with their quest.

I am passionate about helping people to create meaningful work, work they love, inside and outside of companies. In projects. In new ventures. It's all based on The You Are Free System(tm).

Years ago, I worked as an outplacement counselor in New York City. That meant it was my job to help my clients who had been downsized to find "the most appropriate job in the least amount of time." That usually meant a job similar to the one they just left.

Except my clients didn't want jobs like the ones they had. They wanted to do something new. Something different. Work where they could bring all of what they had to offer to make a bigger contribution. Some never liked their work. Others wanted to find a way to use their skills differently. Some didn't want jobs and preferred to work on a collection of projects.

The outplacement model didn't address these desires. It was based on a model of helping a client from one job into another. .

So, in the privacy of my office, a kind of working lab, I started experimenting with the principles of The You Are Free System(tm). I used these principles to help my clients figure out what they wanted to do, where they excelled,what they believed in and what mattered to them. I showed them how to find their talents, gifts and abilities and to weave them together with their skills and experience to create a value proposition for the marketplace. I taught them how to CREATE WORK, and not just fit themselves into a job. That's how The You Are Free System(tm) was born.


My Philosophy
What I Believe About YOU

You were born with a unique set of gifts, talents and abilities and your "job" is to discover and use them so that you can make your contribution to the world...and be well-paid.

You deserve to find work you love.

You deserve to be well-paid for the value you provide.

You deserve to be fulfilled through your work.

You deserve to have the chance to be creative.

You deserve to find an environment that supports who you are and how you work.

You deserve to work with co-workers you respect.

You deserve to have the opportunity to make a difference.

You deserve to have work that is fun, exciting, challenging, and stimulating.


All you need to know is HOW to create a place for yourself in today's changing world of work. I can show you how. And remember, YOU ARE FREE to create meaningful work and to be well-paid.

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You are Free

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