Helping creatives trapped in corporate boxes
Because life is too short to waste your potential

are you trapped?

and I help you...

So many people are stuck in a soul-sucking, mind-numbing, cubicle-laced jobs with no prospects of getting out.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Today is the best time IN HISTORY to create work you love... that MATTERS that MAKES A DIFFERENCE that is FULFILLING, rewarding

(both emotionally and financially) that is FUN and ENERGIZING (not labor, drudgery and toil) that lets you MAKE YOUR MARK

Hey...I'm Leslie Evans Thorne

Create work that changes the world

Learn how to make your mark, no matter how small.  Use your talents, fulfill your potential - and get paid for your worth. It's easy to do...once you know how.


It's time to ...



What keeps people from getting out?

(Even when their health is failing, their patience ending and the thought of attending another meaningless meeting makes their head EXPLODE)

Your boss's face when you ask for the afternoon off...


Would you leave if I told you that you could make MORE MONEY doing what you love, using your talents, contributing more value? True dat. And, what if I gave you a strategy to make your transition financially secure? Would you leave?

# 2 - NOT KNOWING what's possible

It's hard to move if you don't know what's possible...or what you want to do. What if you could zero in on exactly what you were meant to do? What if you could figure out HOW you could leverage your potential, use more of what you have to make a bigger impact?

# 3 - Playing by the old rules

This is NOT your father's job market. And, if you are playing by the old rules, you're going to miss out. Pretty much everything has changed. So let's talk about what's new in TODAY'S world of work so you can make it work for you. 


This is NOT about leaving a stinky job so that you can stuff yourself into another job box.

This IS about springing out of your box so that you can create MEANINGFUL WORK, MAKE AN IMPACT AND GREAT MONEY. $$

Wanna Know How?

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You are Free

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